We saw the need to offer beach cruiser owners a better bicycle cup holder at an affordable price. After months of research and product testing the Kroozie was born.

The first in our line of bicycle cup holders, the Kroozie is a rugged yet stylish cup holder with all the features bikers demand.

Easy no tool installation, a custom foam insert, and the “No Slip” rubber grip are just a few reasons the Kroozie is sure to never disappoint.

A beautiful stainless steel cup paired with solid steel construction guarantee long lasting life with style.

Happy Kroozin!


* High Quality Stainless Steel
* Foam Insert keeps drink hot or cold
* All Color Cups are Powder Coated
* Powder Coated Handlebar Attachment
* Rubber Grips Prevent Slipping
* Stainless Steel Carriage Bolt
* Stainless Steel Wing Nut



Price: $29.99





Q: Do I need anything to install The Kroozie™?
A: No! All you need is to place the bolt into the SQUARE hole on the base, then tighten the wingnut. There are no tools required to install a Kroozie on a bicycle.

Q: What will The Kroozie™ hold?
A: Just about any can up to 16 oz.-bottled water, coffee cups, etc.

Q: Is The Kroozie™ all stainless steel?
A: Almost every piece of the Kroozie is stainless steel. The Kroozie is the only beach cruiser cupholder on the market made with stainless steel parts and hardware. The handlebar attachment is not stainless steel, but is instead powder coated for maximum durability in corrosive environments, such as the beach.

Q: When I touch a colored Kroozie™, it doesn’t sound like metal … is it stainless steel?
A: All Kroozie are constructed with stainless steel. The colored Kroozie™ are powder coated, which adds an extra layer of durability. While it may not feel or sound like metal, it is a stainless steel cup underneath.

Q: How can I tell the difference between The Kroozie™ and imitations?
A: First, make sure the cup you buy comes in the proper packaging in a Box with the The Kroozie™ logo…and not in a zip-lock bag. Second, make sure that the cup, base, and hardware (wing nut and the carriage bolt) as well as the center plug are stainless steel. Cheap imitations will replace parts with look alike metals that will rust.


Vertical Mount for the Kroozie

Price: $21.00
 The brand new Vertical Mount for the Kroozie let’s you attach your cup holder on the down bar just below your seat! The Vertical Mount or V-Mount is custom made to work exclusively with all KROOZIE brand bicycle cup holders. Ride in style while you stealthily place your drink, phone or wallet in your kroozie hidden from view between your feet.

* Heavy duty metal clamp
* Mounts most bars 3/4″ – 1″ diameter
* Adjust mount up to 90 degrees
* Powder coated for durability
* Rubber grip for the perfect fit
* Includes all hardware for assembly
* Kroozie Sold Separately



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